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HubSpot CRM organise les données de vos contacts et consigne automatiquement toutes les activités au sein d'une chronologie claire et structurée. Entrez en relation avec les visiteurs de votre site web et convertissez-les en prospects en temps réel grâce au chat en direct, puis tenez des conversations individualisées à grande échelle grâce aux chatbots, le tout sans expérience. We take a quick look at the new Hubspot CRM sales tool and review some of the functionality at a high level. Hosted by: Jim Buchan | CRM Consultant Presented..

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Whether you're new to HubSpot or have been using the tools forever - this page has all the Growth Stack tool training you'll ever need. Free CRM. Overview of HubSpot's free tools. Marketing Hub Marketing automation software. Free and premium plans. Sales Hub Sales CRM software.. Supercharge your HubSpot CRM with videos today Sign up for FREE. Here's why our customers love us. Aug 24, 2020. Hippo Video is a Great Tool for the New Sales Era! Erin M. Owner. Jul 14, 2020. Superb tool for prospecting new business and standing out from the crowd. Joe S. Social Media Speaker & Trainer. Aug 24, 2020 . Great product as a sales tool! Fantastic new way to reach customers. Matt. We use cookies to make HubSpot's website a better place. Cookies help to provide a more personalized experience and relevant advertising for you, and web analytics for us. To learn more, and to see a full list of cookies we use, check out ou

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Keeping track of new leads and sales conversations can be daunting.. Using a CRM can help you manage your pipeline and track deals. One of the most popular CRMs out there is from HubSpot, and it's free. As your business grows you might want to take advantage of some of HubSpot's paid products, including Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Service Hub, and Growth Suite, to help you achieve all of. HubSpot est une plateforme complète qui contient un CRM relié à des solutions de marketing, de vente et de service client. Chaque brique est relativement puissante en elle-même, mais offre encore plus de possibilités lorsqu'elle est combinée avec les autres logiciels. Pour vous aider à mieux appréhender cet environnement, nous avons conçu ce guide pour vous With HubSpot Video, Sales and Service teams can now quickly create videos to send to customers via the HubSpot CRM. This functionality is powered by Vidyard's GoVideo, so download their chrome extension for a great way to record videos from anywhere Découvrez les avantages d'utiliser HubSpot pour gérer le marketing, le tout basé sur un CRM gratuit. Regarde cette vidéo pour savoir comment utiliser HubSpot

For a more in-depth look at custom objects, check out the HubSpot Academy video Data in HubSpot: Custom Objects and Other Tools. type and fieldType values. When creating or updating properties, both type and fieldType values are required. The type value determines the type of the property, i.e. a string or a number. The fieldType property determines how the property will appear in HubSpot or. Custom CRM cards allow information from other systems to appear on HubSpot contact, company, deal, or ticket records. Using this feature, apps can create custom cards to display this data. If you would like to have your data live directly inside the HubSpot but none of the native objects fit your needs, you might want to see i

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  1. The HubSpot CRM is natively connected with the HubSpot marketing tools, and even 1:1 video for sales. Pro: Work from inside your inbox, OR HubSpot. HubSpot's sales tools live in your inbox (Gmail or Outlook), so you don't have to go back and forth between various windows and you can get more work done faster. Not only that, but HubSpot's CRM and Sales tools could effectively replace.
  2. I am using Hubspot CRM for quite some time to manage my business. it is a brilliantly designed tool to keep track on leads status. Apart from that, you can also manage other things related to business like campaigns, workflow, sales, interaction, marketing, performance all in one place. The tool is very efficient when it comes to managing the Supplier and Purchase Order. It is designed in a.
  3. Nexa's CEO and MD, spoke about the HubSpot CRM on their weekly Digital Growth Show in June 2020: Here's a short video that highlights some of these key features: At Nexa, we've implemented and assisted hundreds of businesses (SMEs through to Enterprise clients) that wanted to not only implement a new CRM for their business but also enhance and optimise their sales processes
  4. Le CRM HubSpot fait partie de ces solutions qui facilitent grandement la tâche de toute entité souhaitant utiliser internet pour se développer. Découvrez notre avis complet concernant cette plateforme de marketing automation. Sommaire Afficher. Présentation du CRM HubSpot, outil de marketing automation. HubSpot CRM est un outil de webmarketing qui permet de gérer de manière efficace les.

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  1. HubSpot offers an easy-to-use, free CRM that comes with a plethora of marketing, sales, and service tools all within one program. It's best for small companies looking for a cost-effective and.
  2. HubSpot CRM Integration : Free in Hubspot $0 /mo. 1 user. Get Started: Teams $300 /mo. 3+ users. Talk to Sales: Teams Plus $600 /mo. 3+ users. Talk to Sales: For Sales Hub Get HubSpot Video for every stage of the sales funnel. Vidyard in HubSpot is the best way to get your team using video to book more meetings and close more deals. Sign Up for Free See Pricing. In-Video CTAs. Add a link to.
  3. HubSpot Video Updates Bring New Capabilities and Greater Ease of Use The new updates to HubSpot Video, now in Private Beta with select HubSpot customers, allow users to: Know exactly who is watching their videos with CRM view events: For the first time, all users of HubSpot Video in Marketing Hub (Pro and Enterprise) will receive video-viewing data as part of their contact activity timelines.
  4. Logiciel marketing HubSpot; HubSpot CRM gratuit; Logiciel service client Partager ; Incorporer ; Incorporer cette vidéo. Related videos Incorporer cette vidéo. Related videos. 21:31. Démo HubSpot Demo Hubspot : Marketing HUB Enterprise. 114 views 04/03/20. 25:29. Démo HubSpot Démo du CRM HubSpot. 550 views 05/12/18. 23:47. Démo HubSpot Démo du CMS HubSpot. 58 views 23/10/20. 52:08.
  5. HubSpot est une solution marketing tout-en-un qui permet d'agir dans chacune de ces étapes de manière ciblée et efficace.. C'est aussi un plateforme CRM qui permet de créer des sites web et blogs. Avec HubSpot, vous pouvez créer directement vos call-to-action, vos landing pages, vos formulaires, vos campagnes de marketing automation, optimiser votre référencement sur les moteurs de.
  6. Pages Other Brand Product/Service HubSpot Videos Un logiciel de CRM ne se limite pas à la gestion des contacts. HubSpot CRM fournit des outils gratuits à l'ensemble de vos équipes, simplifie votre travail et booste votre productivité. Découvrez les fonctionnalités gratuites du CRM
  7. Il ne suffit pas à un CRM d'être le plus utilisé pour être le plus performant et le plus agile. Une conviction confirmée par une étude réalisée par HubSpot en 2020 : 76 % des.

HubSpot's all new free CRM and Sidekick enable modern sales professionals to have an unprecedented advantage over their peers. Our quick start slide deck includes all of the available video tutorials provided by HubSpot, all in one easy to access slide deck. Table of Contents: - Tutorial 1: Get a 30,000 ft view of the HubSpot Free CRM HubSpot's mobile CRM app is easy to use and syncs with your HubSpot account. It doesn't have the full functionality of the HubSpot CRM, but it does allow you to manage contacts, tasks, and deals, continue chat conversations, and change app settings while you're on the go. HubSpot account administrators can monitor user permissions to choose what employees can access while out of the office Send documents out for eSignature directly through the HubSpot CRM. 28. Plus de 5 000 installations. Gratuit. Intercom par Intercom. Close more deals with chatbots and live chat. Sync data with HubSpot. 9. Plus de 5 000 installations. À partir de 87 $ /mois. Integromat par Integromat. Connect HubSpot to any app or API to automate your workflows. 36. Plus de 4 500 installations. Gratuit.

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  1. HubSpot CRM does a great job delivering a high-quality CRM for small business customers. With a fast-growing portfolio of new platforms and features, HubSpot might also evolve into an end-to-end.
  2. Integrates with tools you already use - HubSpot CRM connects to the tools you already use, keeping itself up to date and surfacing useful details throughout your day (without even logging in to your CRM system.) Integrations include Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook for Windows, Apple Mail, and Google Drive. It's there when you need it, out of your way when you don't
  3. HubSpot. HubSpot et join.me se sont associés pour simplifier la connexion à vos contacts. Lorsque votre réunion est planifiée, vous pouvez facilement basculer vers une session join.me et démarrer instantanément un partage d'écran ou un appel vidéo depuis votre historique de contacts CRM HubSpot. Inscrivez-vous au CRM HubSpot pour essayer
  4. Hubspot CRM est une base de données pour alimenter chacun des produits de Hubspot. Avec cet outil CRM : vous bénéficierez des fonctions telles que la gestion de contacts et la gestion des opportunités. vous aurez la possibilité d'automatiser les tâches commerciales les plus fastidieuses : (les séquences d'e-mails, les rappels, les planifications de rendez-vous, etc.) Vous aurez une.
  5. Know exactly who is watching their videos with CRM view events: For the first time, all users of HubSpot Video in Marketing Hub (Pro and Enterprise) will receive video-viewing data as part of.
  6. Hubspot CRM permet également au Marketing d'affiner la définition du Lead idéal et donc d'optimiser sa stratégie de génération de Leads. Notre avis sur Hubspot ? Oui, mais pas n'importe comment ! Je vous ai promis un avis Hubspot objectif, je vais l'être. Hubspot est un super logiciel de Marketing Automation mais il ne peut pas convenir à tout le monde. En tous cas, il est.

HubSpot partnered with Vidyard to develop HubSpot Video — a series of video features woven throughout the marketing, sales, and service hubs. In addition to powering native video features within the platform, Vidyard has also extended video products and capabilities to help you optimize your video strategy with HubSpot Incorporer cette vidéo. Related videos. 23:47. Démo HubSpot Démo du CMS HubSpot. 58 views 23/10/20. 21:31. Démo HubSpot Demo Hubspot : Marketing HUB Enterprise . 114 views 04/03/20. 01:03:47. Démo HubSpot Démo Hubspot : les logiciels marketing, vente et service... 277 views 16/01/19. 25:29. Démo HubSpot Démo du CRM HubSpot. 550 views 05/12/18. Accès direct. A propos; Inbound Marketing. HubSpot CRM est un service CRM en cloud freemium sorti en septembre 2014 lors de la Conférence Inbound. Selon la page Web du fournisseur, les fonctionnalités CRM de base sont disponibles dans un plan CRM gratuit. Toutefois, pour obtenir une variété de fonctionnalités de marketing et de vente, cela vous coûtera de 50 $/ mois à 2400 $/ mois ou plus (selon le nombre d'utilisateurs). Si. Run your business from anywhere with HubSpot's mobile sales CRM. Push your sales deals forward by managing your contacts, emails, tasks, meetings and notes from your phone. Use the HubSpot mobile app to: - Increase your productivity - See upcoming tasks, to-dos, meetings and reminders associated with your sales deals. - Tap into HubSpot's power from any app - The HubSpot keyboard enables.

Connectez Datananas à Hubspot avec Zapier et synchronisez chaque contact intéressé avec Hubspot. Créez des règles avancées pour synchroniser les contacts et les pistes entre Datananas et Hubspot. Gardez votre base de données CRM à jour et évitez de polluer Hubspot avec des prospects non qualifiés À l'heure où la digitalisation des entreprises n'a jamais été aussi nécessaire, HubSpot met le paquet sur son CRM. Fondée en 2006, l'éditeur de logiciels de marketing, qui depuis six ans s.

Analyse par : Julia Cames Head of marketing, HubSpot France . Un chiffre édifiant : 50 % des entreprises qui utilisent un outil CRM (customer relationship management) déplorent qu'il soit difficile à utiliser. Et 76% d'entre elles constatent que leurs commerciaux n'utilisent qu'une petite partie des fonctionnalités proposées par leur outil pourtant en place depuis longtemps. Autre. Démonstration des fonctionnalités du CRM HubSpot entièrement gratuit. Nous aidons des PME industrielles et des sociétés de services à l'industrie à développer leur business en générant des leads qualifiés, en acquérant de nouveaux clients, en les engageant et les fidélisant HubSpot CRM. HubSpot. July 16, 2019 · A CRM made for the way people sell today. Related Videos. 3:18. Is TikTok Growing Up? HubSpot. 3.1K views · September 1. 3:41. It Takes a Village. Social Marketing Can Build One. HubSpot. 3K views · August 26. 3:23. Why Local Marketing Is More Important Than Ever. HubSpot. 4.7K views · August 24. 1:52. Video Conferencing Fatigue: What Is It, and How to. Here is a short video walking you through the quickest way to clean up your CRM. I've included the fastest way to clean up duplicates that have been . We use cookies to make HubSpot's community a better place. Cookies help to provide a more personalized experience and relevant advertising for you, and web analytics for us. To learn more, and to see a full list of cookies we use, check out our.

Vidéo. Accompagnement client. Productivité . Finance. Prix. Tous. Gratuit. Frais mensuels. Frais annuels. Frais uniques. Fonctionnalités HubSpot. Direction du flux de données. Partenaire d'application certifié HubSpot. S'intègre également avec. Application prise en charge par. Langues prises en charge. Meilleures applications CRM pour HubSpot. 1-44 résultats sur 44. Trier par : Les. GetApp has a large list of Video Conferencing software that integrates with HubSpot CRM. Read reviews, buyer's guides, and product information to find the best fit

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HubSpot CRM also has a tasks feature that is good for assigning tasks to different people on your team and will auto-send reminders on specified dates & times. Cons: Once you go past the free version, HubSpot CRM can get expensive fast. Luckily, HubSpot CRM gives you a lot in the free version, so I have not yet had to upgrade Video: More About HubSpot. Learn about how HubSpot's products can benefit your company with this overview video. By consolidating their client's many integrations and services, the HubSpot CRM. Streamline your contact management process with JotForm's HubSpot integration. By instantly populating your HubSpot CRM with the information you collect through your online forms, you'll never have to manually transfer contacts again — saving you time better spent getting to know your customers. Learn how to integrate your form with HubSpot

Hubspot CRM's Lists functionality is so convenient for segmenting your master contact list in all sorts of ways. I use it anytime I need to find out how many or who from our list fits a narrow set of criteria. Even in past jobs where we had other database tools that we could use, Hubspot was the fastest and easiest to get that information. Hubspot makes it easy to import your contact lists. Video: HubSpot Sales works with your CRM to reveal new opportunities and show you which types of emails are working. FAQ. Here are some common questions that you might also have. What is HubSpot sales pro? HubSpot offers 4 different sales plans: Free, Starter, Pro, and Enterprise. Each level is more expensive than the last, but has more features and allows you to add more users. The pro plan. Recursos y grabaciones de la serie de webinars semanales EN VIVO de HubSpot donde te enseñamos como usar las herramientas claves de HubSpot, cómo aplicar las mejores prácticas de Inbound y cuáles son las últimas tendencias de marketing, ventas y servicio al cliente digitales A HubSpot oferece uma plataforma completa de software de marketing, vendas, atendimento ao cliente e CRM, além de metodologia, recursos e suporte para ajudar as empresas a crescerem melhor. Comece com as ferramentas gratuitas e faça upgrades à medida que você cresce The new updates to HubSpot Video, now in Private Beta with select HubSpot customers, allow users to: Know exactly who is watching their videos with CRM view events: For the first time, all users of HubSpot Video in Marketing Hub (Pro and Enterprise) will receive video-viewing data as part of their contact activity timelines. This data provides.

Dedans, vous y trouverez des formations vidéos gratuites pour progresser en marketing digital. Parlons peu, parlons prix. Vous vous dites sans doute que ce plugin doit coûter un bras Vous allez rester les bras ballants : le plugin HubSpot CRM pour WordPress est totalement gratuit, jusqu'à 1 millions de contacts dans votre base de données. Si vous recherchez des solutions de marketing. However, the HubSpot CRM edge over Salesforce is that you probably won't need to hire someone to make the switch to HubSpot — unless you're a larger company with many moving pieces or are investing in the paid version. According to users, HubSpot CRM is simple to set up and use, self-explanatory, and relatively quick to get running

Une démo où vous découvrirez le CRM Hubspot dans l'ensemble de ses capacités et fonctionnalités ! N'hésitez pas à suivre notre série sur les tutos Hubspot. Ce site web stocke des cookies sur votre ordinateur qui permettent d'améliorer notre site Web et de fournir des services plus personnalisés. Pour obtenir plus d'informations, consultez notre Politique de confidentialité. Vos. Les contacts présents dans Hubspot CRM sont synchronisés avec votre application de marketing automation. Chaque fois qu'un contact est créé ou modifié dans Hubspot CRM, cela sera envoyé dans l'application de marketing automation HubSpot CRM : Avis & tests d'utilisateurs. Si vous êtes un utilisateur de ce progiciel, n'hésitez pas à apporter vos conseils et votre aide à la communauté en donnant votre avis sur HubSpot CRM!Donnez une note sur son rapport qualité / prix, sa facilité d'utilisation, ses fonctionnalités, ou encore son support client

With the launch of Sales Hub Enterprise, HubSpot lays down some serious competition to Salesforce and Dynamics 365. As one of a handful of strategic partners worldwide, we're here to make HubSpot CRM Integration easy for your business HubSpot CRM. Marketing Hub. Sales Hub . Service Hub. Search for CMS Hub examples... Get a demo Submit a site. A Smart, Video-Focused, Student-Centric, University Website! A university website designed to showcase compelling stories that inspire visitors to become inquiries, inquiries to become applicants, and applicants to become students. This website uses smart content modules which. Watch a video. HubSpot CRM integrations. Add new HubSpot CRM contacts to Google Contacts . Every time a new contact is added to HubSpot CRM, Integromat will automatically create a new Google contact. 240. Add Linkedin contact info to new HubSpot CRM company. When you add a new company to HubSpot CRM, available contact details such as website and address will be added from LinkedIn. 75. Connect.

HubSpot is a powerful CRM that is designed to work seamlessly with the HubSpot sales, customer service, and marketing tools. It can help you sell better, market better, and gain more powerful insights from customer interactions. This course dives into the basics of using HubSpot CRM, and examines how to streamline the sales process with the management and automation tools. Learn how to connect. Videos. Características de HubSpot CRM Funcionalidades de Software CRM para HubSpot CRM. CRM. Acceso Móvil Almacenamiento de Documentos Evaluación de clientes potenciales Gestión de tareas Integración de automatización de marketing Integración de chat interno Marketing por correo electrónico Presupuestos y ofertas Segmentación Sistema de calendarios o recordatorios Detalle del.

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Obter uma conta HubSpot CRM Obter uma conta de desenvolvedor da HubSpot Comunidade. Minha conta da Hubspot HubSpot Academy Negócios e Tickets na HubSpot. Além do vídeo nossos artigos explicam mais sobre : Criar contatos ; Um guia para a página inicial de contatos ; Criar Empresas ; Um guia para a página inicial de empresas Criar negócios ; Um guia para a página inicial de negócios HubSpot er et super fedt værktøj at arbejde i, og vi bruger det selv med stor glæde, men der findes ingen one size fits all, og HubSpot CRM er ikke for alle. Der hvor HubSpot adskiller sig fra eksempelvis Microsoft og Salesforce er, at HubSpot er en portal med de features, den nu kommer med. Du får det, der er i pakken, og det kan godt begrænse dine muligheder HubSpot+WhatsApp Integration has simplified our processes, enabling us to reply to HubSpot leads instantly via WhatsApp. As a result, our sales cycle has shortened by miles. (It's January) And we have already achieved our 2020 goals! We are working on our goals for the next year

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Play Video. HubSpot CRM integration + Xero. For the contact sync we use the email address as an identifier on your Xero Contact to create a new (or update an existing) contact within HubSpot. Once this initial integration has completed, any change to your contacts in Xero will be reflected in HubSpot CRM automatically. A set of default mappings ensure that the information contained within your. Offered by Coursera Project Network. In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to identify the concept of business digital transformation, as well as the different types of business digitization, how to determine the role of customer support in your company and identify the customer support processes, how define Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and interpret the. In the next section, we have included videos to help you get a better idea of each software. Go through these short videos to understand Bitrix24 and Hubspot CRM a bit better. More Comparisons. Bitrix24 vs Salesforce ›› Bitrix24 vs Zoho CRM Tools ›› Bitrix24 vs SugarCRM ›› Bitrix24 vs Oracle CRM ›› Bitrix24 vs Act ›› Bitrix24 vs Microsoft Dynamics CRM ›› Bitrix24 vs. Hubspot CRM est un logiciel tout-en-un. Il rassemble toutes les options utiles au marketing, à la gestion de la relation client et aux ventes. Ergonomique, fluide et performant, il est le partenaire des entreprises en démarrage et en pleine croissance. Thématiques hubspot crm. 5 min de lecture Qu'est-ce que Hubspot Sales ? (Présentation et fonctionnalités) Par Marc Sauvage le 22/06/20. Le « Contenu HubSpot » désigne l'ensemble des informations, données, textes, messages, logiciels, éléments audio, musiques, vidéos, photographies, graphiques, images et balises que HubSpot incorpore dans son Service d'abonnement ou les Services de consulting, y compris les Données d'enrichissement (telles que définies dans les Conditions spécifiques liées aux produits HubSpot)

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Hubspot (anciennement baptisé Sidekick) est une plateforme marketing complète composée de 3 parties : Hubspot Sales, Marketing et Services. L'ambition de cet outil est de proposer toutes les fonctionnalités d'un CRM dans un logiciel gratuit. Nous avons passé le logiciel au banc de test. Voici notre avis sur Hubspot Integrating Hubspot with Freshdesk enables you to keep your support and sales teams up to date. This app allows two-way integration of Hubspot CRM and Freshdesk. It allows you to view some contact details from Hubspot on Freshdesk and view details about the ticket on Hubspot's contact timeline HubSpot propose une suite complète de logiciels pour le marketing, la vente et le service client, le tout basé sur un CRM entièrement gratuit. Ces logiciels sont utilisés par plus de 55 000 personnes dans plus de 100 pays pour travailler plus efficacement, attirer des visiteurs et accélérer la croissance des entreprises Relatórios: a gestão de relatórios do HubSpot CRM é excelente, pois permite criar gráficos e análises sobre a performance do time comercial e também sobre o desempenho de vendas da empresa. Em resumo, essas são as 15 funcionalidades principais do HubSpot CRM que a gente recomenda. Tenho certeza que seu time de vendas terá melhores resultados e, consequentemente, trará mais receita.

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This app, which is free forever, just like the HubSpot CRM, gives users a simple way to export, Video-Level Contextual Targeting for Online Video and Connected TV. Next Post . Top 5 PR Technology Tools to Spread your Word. You might also like More from author. B2B Data. If Time Is Money, Then It's Time to Hand Your Marketing Data Over to the Robots B2B Data. Top LinkedIn Competitors. Multi-line text - Inside of HubSpot CRM, multi-line and single-line text properties look very much alike, but they have one slight difference in the way they function: Multi-line text properties can store line breaks; single-line text properties only allow a single line of text. On forms, the two properties look different: A single-line text property is a single line on a form; a multi-line. HubSpot employs close to 3,387 people and is a prominent name in the global CRM space. Quarterly results. HubSpot is one of those few companies I have seen that managed to beat the analyst. Tudo o que você precisa para começar a usar o HubSpot CRM com sucesso, incluindo um guia de configuração, opções para conversar com treinadores, guias de vídeo e muito mais

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HubSpot, a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform, announced that it has committed $20 million to social impact investing. The company's first allocation of those funds is a $12.5 million investment in the Black Economic Development Fund, which supports Black-led financial institutions, community centers, anchor institutions, and business transactions. The Fund is managed by. HubSpot CRM is one of the more innovative CRM providers we've seen. Aimed at small businesses, the platform has a freemium model as well as a range of add-ons. With these, it can evolve into an. Les Données d'enrichissement sont identifiables dans HubSpot CRM à leur icône d'information grise ou par un autre signe distinctif qui indique, lorsque le Client place le curseur de sa souris dessus, que les données qu'elles contiennent proviennent de la base de données d'informations de HubSpot. Ces propriétés peuvent inclure des informations comme le nom, le lieu et l'adresse de l. La certification du logiciel Hub Sales de HubSpot en français est arrivée ! 3 leçons qui vous apprendront à utiliser les outils HubSpot de CRM et Hub..

Before we get into the best integrations of Hubspot, here's a quick brief about Hubspot and its efficient CRM solution. If you are not a Hubspot user, this might change your mind. The Hubspot Empire. Hubspot, in a nutshell, is a powerful comprehensive all-in-one marketing, sales and customer relationship software solution that is used by over 30,000 companies, across 56 countries around the.

DIY - CRM - CapsuleCRM - Tall Guy DigitalThe Small Business CRM Dirty Dozen (Not All CRMs AreHow to Link Instagram to Your Facebook Page in 6 Simple StepsHubSpot Community - Fix the "Faded" Colors and GrainySocial Media Cartoons – Internet Marketing in Real LifeCRM: la estrategia
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